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Reporting on the SCBWI Sydney Conference 2019

Of the wheelbarrow-load of roles creators within the children’s literary industry assume, perhaps one of the most important and fulfilling ones is to sow a sense of wonder and joy that generates a vigorous love of story. The benefits of this cultivation of creativity are many, not least of which is a love of reading that perpetuates for life.

As  we enter a new exciting season of children’s writing and illustration, it’s also time to whip on our creative gloves and make ready for the next SCBWI Australia East NZ Conference due to kick off in Sydney next February.

It’s my extreme joy to be asked back as ‘chief gardener’ for our SCBWI Roving Reporters team again. In this role, I’ll endeavour to introduce you to our 100% organically grown reporters from across Australia, inserting as many garden-based puns as my green-thumbs can along the way. Why? Because like SCBWI, nurturing new talent, sustaining periennal favourites and ensuring the growth of our fabulous industry is not only vital but a beautiful pastime to boot – garden boot of course!

The key to success of any new planting (and creative project) is preparation. Over the next few months, we’ll be aerating our collective garden beds, gathering our seeds of talent and watering in our intentions with Meet our Gardenersintroductory type posts.

CLICK HERE to read some Roving Reporting at the Roving Reporter Conference Blog.


Our burgeoning team of landscapers currently stands at 12, more than enough to capture your imaginations and inspire. They include:

Ramona Davey

Coral Vass

Yvonne Mes

Giuseppe Poli

Leanne Barrett

Shaye Wardrop

Katrin Dreiling

Karen Collum

Maria Parenti-Baldey

Sarah Wallace

Rachel Nobel

Cherri Ryan

So whether you have already booked your flights to Sydney or are not able to make it to the conference this time round, join us as we report on everything from the canapes to the masterclasses for the SCBWI Sydney Conference 2019.

Rove ya later!




Image courtesy of Tania McCartney – Illustrator Showcase designer 2019






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